Writing a book is one thing,

selling that book is quite another!

Ways to Make Your Book Dream Real!

Upon meeting Lee Pitts in college, he laid a cornerstone of publishing at my feet. At the early age of 19, he had already written his first book. He said "Every one should write a book" as everyone has something to say, and it is an excellent process for the mind.

After writing my first book, really more of a booklet, upon meeting Sharon Shannon, founder and former President of NSA Oregon Chapter, and NSA member, she said, now that you have written a book, it is time to join National Speakers Association.

Thus Masters of Influence Publishing and Author Speaker Fusion was born.

Author/Speaker Fusion Benefits

Og Mandino, and Mark Victor Hansen proved in different eras, Speaking and Writing complement each other and provide all all the marketing either speaking or book sales would ever need. Author/Speaker Fusion is the secret success factor so few remember.  While Social Media has amplified the reach of all books, and adds a variety of modes of delivery, the basic wisdom guiding the process remains the same!